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Swiss Army Knife - 101 Tips, Tricks & Uses

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Preamble: This book was provided free, in exchange for writing a review. In no way was I paid to promote or give a positive review. I am providing a honest and real review using my own words and thoughts.

Weather it be a hiker, fisherman, hunter, or survivalist we've all owned some sort of Swiss Army Knife. If that's not even true then you've at least used a Swiss Army Knife, but how many times have you questioned what a certain item was for. The first thing I see everyone do when handed one of these iconic knives is to start pulling all the different utensils out and seeing what they are.

Bryan Lynch's book "Swiss Army Knife - Camping & Outdoor Survival Guide" provides the reader with lots of great information.

I'm the type of person who will research to no end to find the best answer or information I can, but I need to know what I am search for, I'm not going to just randomly search for things. Having this book in my hand I have learned so much information on these knives that I never thought to even consider.

It would be almost impossible to show every Swiss Army Knife past and present but Bryan has provided a great list of some very popular ones. Listing the features and functions for each one.

Bryan provides tips on making modifications to your knife, ways to use your knife to help in medical situations and even repairs and maintenance. Having a part of your knife break, and now knowing how to repair and replace those parts, has made this book valuable to me. I now plan to do some well needed preventive maintenance, and add some modifications to my knife.

Bushcraft is becoming very popular and for obvious reasons, some of these techniques could save your life. Bryan has provided many great bushcraft projects, detailing each with materials needed, time required to complete and all with coloured photos.

There is lots of information in this book and I could go into detail on each but its best if you take a look at the book yourself.

A book like this is not like a novel where you read it and then never open it again, this is one you will open and close many times, so I have to mention that this book should be able to handle that, the pages are thick and of high quality.

So what does a book like cost someone, well I was surprised to see this on for less than $15. You'll find way more than $15 worth of information in this book.

Swiss Army Knife - Camping & Outdoor Survival Guide by Bryan Lynch

Fox Chapel Publishing

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