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A glimpse of SCT - An EpicCDN2019 Adventure

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

What the heck is EpicCDN2019? Lets step back to spring of 2017, when I was invited to attend a hike in Pennsylvania, it was such a great hiking experience and the friendships I made were fantastic. Stewing in my head for two years was the idea of having a group hike here in my home province of BC.

Enough of the stewing, I starting asking friends are you up for a backpacking trip. In no time at all the crew was chosen, and a trail was picked that I thought would showcase some of the great scenery BC has to offer.

The Crew:

Adam Nutting "Hiking the trail" from Tuscon Arizona (@hikingthetrail)

Dean Cattell "Taiga Adventures" from Pierceland Saskatchewan (@taigaadventures)

Lisa Pulsifer "Westcoast Hiker Girl" from White Rock BC (@westcoasthikergirl)

​Stephen Hawtree "Walks N' Trees" from Kelowna BC (@sh_wt)

Myself Steve Holliday "Hiker Steve" from New Westminster BC (@hiker_steve)

The Trail:

The Sunshine Coast trail is180 kms and is the longest hut to hut trail in Canada. Although it would have been great to complete the whole trail, we were planning to complete just the southern 45 kms. The plan was to start at the most south point, Saltery Bay, and end our trip at Lang Bay.

Watch the whole trip.

Day 1 - Sept 9th 2019

An early wake up, as we needed to catch the first ferry of the morning. A quick breakfast at Trolls in Horseshoe bay, and before long we were on the ferry, the first of two ferries we needed to travel on.

The second ferry ride had a great surprise for us. As the ferry was approaching its destination, along the starboard side Humpback whales were treating all the passengers to a show. Little did we know at the time, the whales had more in store for us.

At 2pm we were finally at the start of the trail, with smiles all around, we took our first steps.

The plan was to hike along the shoreline and stop at Fairview Bay hut for a rest then continue to Rainy day hut for our first night. Once we reached Fairview Bay, we were tired, it was 5pm, we saw rain coming in the distance, and the final item that made our decision to stay here for the night, was the sight of the Humpback whales in the Bay. The whales provided a show for us all night long. I could have not have been a better ending to the first day.

Day 2 - Sept 10th

Having stopped sooner than planned on day one, meant we had to travel an extra 3 kms and 350 metre elevation gain. Our total elevation gain for the day would be 1305 metres which is the highest point on the Sunshine Coast trail, Mount Troubridge. It made for a tough long day. Once reaching the top and waiting for the clouds to part, a few photos were taken before we headed down to the Mount Troubridge Hut where we would spend our second night with other hikers. Mount Troubridge hut is a beautiful built hut that features a pellet stove, and lots of room inside to cook and sleep.

Day 3 - Sept 11th

Golden Stanley Hut, one of the newest huts, is our destination today. A steady decline made for a pleasant hike after the previous days climb. Reaching Elephant lake we stopped for a quick rest, this appears to be a popular place for some to camp for the night, but there is no hut, or an outhouse. Another stop on this day was a opening in the trees that provided a clear view of Lois Lake.

Lois Lake I didn't know at the time is created from a Dam and during this time of the year the water level was very low. This low level made for a very unattractive looking lake. We arrived at the hut early and had the whole hut to ourselves, until later in the evening when other hikers arrived. Even then, they decided to pitch tents and we had the sleeping loft to ourselves.

The weather to this point was acceptable, a little sprinkle here and there, sunshine poking through the clouds from time to time, it was enjoyable. That was all about to end.

Day 4 - WETeptember 12th

Sometime in the middle of the night the sky's opened up and released a torrent of rain down on us. The itinerary for the day was to hike to Dixon road, exit the trail and follow the road to Lang Bay. A store is located here and we had arranged for Kent's Beach Campground to pick us up and drive us to their campground. With our rain gear on we headed out along the trail, heads down and poles clicking along we wiped our faces of the rain and trudged along.

Stopping at the Dam for a quick rest, and quick it was because the longer we stopped the colder we got. Scampering over the creek, watching our steps over the wet slippery rock, we climbed the other side and eventually arrived at the road.

The last 3 kilometers to Lang bay felt like the longest 3 kilometers I have ever done.

Soaked to the bone, cold, feeling miserable, we waited for our ride to arrive.

Arriving at Kents Beach, and mother nature still throwing buckets of water on us, we negotiated a cabin for the night. I could not thank the owners of Kents beach enough for this. Hot showers for everyone and a dry warm place to heat our meals, talk about our trip, and have a great sleep before heading home the next day.

Day 5 - Sept 13th

A short walk along the road to the Ferry. Later that evening we enjoyed Pizza, Beers and conversation about a great, no wait, an Epic trip.

Thanks to everyone on the team for making this a great trip, and allowing me to share your photos.

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