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Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit, a glimpse

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Just recently the wife and I traveled to Bowron Lakes Provincial Park for four nights. We've never been to this part of our Province and although we planned this originally last year, this was the year we finally did it. The plan was to visit Barkerville a historic gold rush town that will bring you back in time. Its all setup as if you were back in time with "actors and actresses" walking around providing great entertainment, a must see for anyone.

The main street, Barkerville, BC

Wells is another town we planned to visit also from the old gold rush days now modernized but has some historic feel to it, but nothing like Barkerville.

The other days we were planning to canoe around and just relax.

We rented a basic cabin at Becker's Lodge, and had a great view of Bowron Lake.

Maybe I should explain before I go any further, Bowron Lakes Provincial Park is world famous for a Canoe Circuit, of course I knew this and had heard of it from when I was a small kid. Never really though much about it, until I saw how beautiful the area was. Becker's lodge is a common spot for people to spend the night before they start the circuit. We had a great first night around a campfire talking up a storm with two of the caretakers and two Swedish guys who were going to start the circuit the next day. Hope they had a great trip.

Our weather was not great for the next few days, so our canoeing plans we had ended up being only 2.5 hours on our last day.

I've done a lot of canoeing, but never any overnight trips, and I've done lots of backpacking, so as I was watching others canoe in from their trip, I started to think maybe one day I will try this circuit.

The area is known for wildlife, and we did along the road into Bowron Lakes come across a Moose that we were lucky enough to snap a photo of. The bear we saw ran into the forest too quickly and just disappeared into the thick brush.

Some details on the circuit, it is over 116 kms long, takes most people between 6 and 8 days, has a number of portages, but you can rent wheels to put your canoe on to make it easier, as some of the portages are a little lengthy. There are 10 lakes but when I look at the map I count 12. The record for the fastest time is just under 12 hours.

So who wants to join me?

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Becker's Lodge:

Bowron Lake Lodge:

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