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Seeking adventure outside your comfort zone

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

If you have been following along on my adventures, you will know in April I went on a hiking trip in Pennsylvania, the trip LHX2017 was a promotional hike to promote gear forward an organization focused on providing used gear for scout groups and other outdoor groups for kids who couldn’t afford gear. This was a great concept and the hike was a success, but it was more than that for me. This was about expanding my experiences and doing something way outside my comfort zone.

I started 2017 with an idea in my head that this year was going to different for me. I wasn’t going to dismiss things because I felt a little uncomfortable doing it. This was a thought I was going to put into motion not just in hiking, but also my life all around. I found myself giving speeches to a group of 70+ people in a large meeting room, not saying I did well at it, but I did it, and as scary as it was it was an experience I will remember. I guess that simplifies why I started with this whole notion. I didn’t want to be looking back on my life and wondering what would that experience have been like. I’m not some crazy person, who’s going to go wrestle alligators, I’m not looking to find crazy ideas and then try them. These experience are things that would normally come across my “desk/hiking poles” that I would normally just say, oh no, I’m not comfortable doing that, I’ll pass.

When I was presented with this hike in Pennsylvania, my mind right away was oh no I’m not comfortable with this. Taking a plane, to another country with all my hiking gear, with people I’ve never met in person. All the logistics that needed to be checked out, all the “what if’s”, my mind was racing with all sorts of negative thoughts. Funny how the mind always goes straight to the negative. The let the idea just sit, I tried not to think about it for weeks.

It was a hard decision too finally convince myself it would be a trip of a lifetime, and nothing bad is going to happen. Weeks and weeks of preparing and double checking things, waiting for that special deal on a flight, I finally had it all booked and ready to go.

When the day finally came, and I was boarding the plane the butterflies in my stomach were at a max. I had a complex of different emotions, excitement, scared, anxiety, and anticipation. When I arrived in Toronto, I was able to meet up with Dean who was also going on this trip. Dean I had known each other online for a long time, but this was the first time we would meet in person. Once we met all those negative thoughts and emotions all turned to excitement.

Landing in Pittsburgh was a whole lot easier after having dispensed of all the negative thoughts. Meeting everyone else joining in on this hike, learning about them, listening to their stories and sharing my own with them, was and will always be a trip of a lifetime.

For those who miss out on things because its outside their comfort zone, I say, assess the risks, ask yourself if you think later in life you missed out on something, and take the chance on what might be a trip of a lifetime.

I hope this story inspires you to even think about doing sometime that you wouldn’t normally do.

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