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Garibaldi Lake - BC

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Garibaldi lake - Day 1

This is an extremely popular hike, many day hikers come to the lake and with over 50 campsites at the lake and more at taylor meadows the trails can be busy.

September of 2016 a group of us decided to camp for 2 nights at the lake and do numerous hikes from this location. I had wanted to do my first solo hike this year but it didn't turn out so I decided to head up a day earlier and make this my solo hike. Given that the park is so popular it didn't feel like a solo hike, but still most of the hiking I did I was alone. Only while at the campsite was I overwhelmed with two large groups of kids camping overnight. The day started early with my 42lb pack heading up to the lake to setup camp, this is approx 9.5 km hike with 820metre elev gain. Once I had camp setup, I set out to hike to Panorama Ridge, which is a 12km return hike from the campsite with another 630metre elev gain. Hiking alone and coming across a Bear was a highlight moment.

Day 1:

Solo but not Alone:

Days 2, 3 & 4:

Day 2 involved a lot of rain, I waited around camp for the others to show up. The large groups all left and there were many spots available now.

Once everyone showed up, we spend the day playing games and drinking in the cook shacks.

Day 3 was a much better day, we headed up to the Black Tusk, and down towards Panorama Ridge but instead of heading up we crossed this very unique area of gravel. After walking across to the creek, we turned around and back to the camp. Another evening of games and a good night sleep, before packing up and heading home.

Thanks for watching.

Thanks to Rob, Julie and Steve

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